Tasmanian Timbers


Acacia Melanoxylon

Blackwood is a wattle and is an understorey tree which grows rapidly. The tree produces pale yellow flowers. Grows best in the wet and swampy lowlands in the NW of Tasmania. Used in the furniture and joinery industries. Timber colour varies from golden brown through to dark chocolate  red tones.





Huon Pine

Lagarostrobos Franklinii

Grows in the cool temperate rainforest in the W & SW of Tasmania. Huon Pine is only native to Tasmania. Some trees have be recorded as being over 2000 years old. The timber has natural perfumed oil which helps preserve the timber. Desirable for boat builder and woodturning and furniture. Very soft timber.






Eucryphia Lucida

Grows in the wetter climate of West Tasmania. Trees can reach 10-15 m in height. It is an important nectar plant in Tasmania for the production of Leatherwood honey. The tree produces white flowers that have a honey scent. Light grained timber ranging from soft pink to browns.






Nothofagus Cunninghamii

Grows in the temperate rainforest of the NW & W of Tasmanian, reaching 30-40 m in height. Myrtle is an understorey tree. Timber can range from soft pink to deep rich red and can also have dark streaks which is called tiger myrtle . Fine textured foliage and small flowers . Easily worked timber with a polished finish.






Atherosperma Moschatum
Grows over most of Tasmania is one of the most abundant species in Tasmanian rainforests. Trees can grow up to 45m. Timber is grey to soft tan and can produce black, brown and even purple streak up the centre due to a staining fungi. Highly desired timber. Bark has a cinnamon smell and flowers are white with yellow and maroon centres. 






Tasmanian Oak

Eucalyptus Regnans, Obliqua & Delegatensis

Commonly referred to as Tasmanian Oak. Grows in both dry and wet Eucalypt forests. Regnans it the tallest flowering plant in the world growing up to 100m. Hardwood timber used in construction, flooring, furniture and woodcrafts. Colours vary from a soft tan/straw colour to darker tans & pinks tones.





Silver Wattle

Acacia Dealbata

Grows in the dry Eucalypt forest around Tasmania. Rapid growing and can reach up to 30m. The timber is commonly used in the production of furniture . Flowers in winter producing yellow flowers. Timber colour can vary from soft pink/apricot tones to orange/ brown tones.